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13 November 09 Tagged: Further Complications

Thank you to all of the people who helped make Jarvis’ curation of the Village Underground venue a success.

Here is the video for “Further Complications”, which is released as a single this week. The 7” is now sold out but it’s available to download here.


  1. Fantastic video, DOCTOR Cocker!

    I’m sorry, that sounds a bit porn star. Still, good work on the video and honorary doctorate.

    By Megan at Nov 14, 14:32 #

  2. Just giving Dear Jarv further weather warning for Australia, the temp. has now risen by a further couple of degrees, & still it’s only November, just thinking of the welfare of my favourite artist……..Best wishes for le (thought I’d throw in some teeny French) show…even ‘tho I can’t make it.

    By KARYN BROWN at Nov 17, 15:30 #

  3. PS, Oz may soon class pole-dancing as a sport…..& according to judge Jamilla De Ville – (Herald/Sun Nov. 13th)….“more men were embracing the physically gruelling sport & relishing the chance to compete in it”, why am I not surprised…;) There may even be hope for Jarv…hee hee! btw I got a pressie of FC for my birthday the day before.

    Interesting listening, my fav is “Discosong” preference in music applies to that style! Could have been a bit more bump & grind in track #8 ‘tho, constructive criticsm there. Otherwise fairly good, second fave is “Pilchard”, reminds one of “Party Hard.”

    By KARYN BROWN at Nov 17, 16:49 #

  4. Today, in the news, it is predicted for the SE of Australia there is catastrophic levels of bushfire danger – ready for anything, but they can’t promise a fire – truck.
    40 is max. lowest is 24 overnite……
    Hope I can say I have survived in the next couple of days… see you all soon.

    By KARYN BROWN at Nov 18, 13:02 #

  5. Hey Jarv – get rough trade to use a decent pressing plant for the vinyl – my 7” of the single is unbelievably crackly (static) – the LP wasn’t much better – wish i’d bought the CD now :-(

    By paul at Nov 19, 15:58 #

  6. Folks,
    I’m still here thankfully!
    That’s interesting re 7’‘, Paul, is your turntable in good nick (i.e. condition?) The mind boggles.

    By KARYN BROWN at Nov 19, 19:23 #

  7. Yeah – turntable is top end – most vinyl sounds excellent on it – is definitely the pressings

    Are u the Karyn in Girls Like It Too? And why wasn’t this the first single :-)

    By paul at Nov 19, 19:31 #

  8. In a perfect world I guess I would be, but one can dream, (back me up, Meg!!!!!) ;) I refer to Megan, who made the leading comment in this thread, btw!

    By KARYN BROWN at Nov 19, 19:45 #

  9. I don’t know why they didn’t make it a first single, with it’s diverse latino vibe, but it centres around what was said @ a funeral (see FC Announcement thread) and that’s what made it xtra special, I guess.

    By KARYN BROWN at Nov 19, 21:52 #

  10. I’d go to my grave lying that my friend Karyn was indeed the lady mentioned in “Girls Like It Too,” but that’s because I’m a wildly imaginative friend that way. ;)

    Paul, that’s so disappointing to hear! I got my 7” in the mail earlier this week but haven’t had a chance to listen yet because I still need to hook up my turntable. Now I have motivation, I want to compare notes on this.

    By Megan at Nov 19, 22:27 #

  11. Yeah i know about the Peel funeral thing – Its one of the best of the new bunch of songs – I liked Angela but Girls is better – in fact only I Never Said I was Deep is a better tune IMHO (but there’s no way that will make a single.

    Jarvis is coming to NZ next month so i’ll take it up with him then (if i feel brave enough) but let me know if your copy has bad static too.

    By paul at Nov 19, 23:01 #

  12. Are u the ones who posted the footage of the gallarie chappe gigs on Utube with all the arse shots? I guess u like it too ;-)

    By paul at Nov 19, 23:05 #

  13. That’s solely Meg’s domain – I’m Youtube illiterate with regards to video recording and techno jargon.
    Re: track 8 on FC – I miss the trademark purrs and guttural growls so often used in past recordings regarding such taboo subjects, but, I still love his music, all the same.
    It’s Fri. nite, ahead of a much needed cool change here in Oz, believe me!

    By KARYN BROWN at Nov 20, 00:26 #

  14. Paul: I see my reputation as an arse ogler precedes me yet again! Yes, that was me. I hadn’t really noticed it while I was filming, it was more a matter of being overly excited at being onstage and just staying centered on him, but once he pointed it out (very humorously) and I went back I must admit I blushed quite a lot. Hardly anything makes me blush now.

    And yes it’s true: girls like it too. Sometimes more than the boys.

    By Megan at Nov 20, 00:31 #

  15. What gets me is how utterly romantic, even for Jarvis’ standards, “Girls” is.

    By KARYN BROWN at Nov 20, 01:20 #

  16. Oh, & I’ve grown to love the beard (no pun intended!!!) Jarv does Neo – Hippy very well and it suits him. I remember that he didn’t like his old hairstyle (vintage Smash Hits 1996) “I would cut it all off & get a wig.”

    Mind you, I remember the old days, with fondness, but it must be said that I like how he currently looks.
    Virgos are ALWAYS sharp with their dress – sense
    and Jarv is no exception.

    By KARYN BROWN at Nov 20, 01:59 #

  17. Hope things have cooled down for you ladies over there – has been quite warm here too – will you be going to the Aus shows?

    Does track 8 dare not mention its name? Great lyrics – that one about there being no mess but there would be in the flesh – lovely ;-)

    Hold still and leftovers are another couple of class tracks – as is Discosong.

    I would say that the live versions on utube – especially at the sheppards bush empire are generally better than the Album versions and having seen those first I was a little disappointed at first – still a mighty fine lp though – songs are generally great – Homewrecker strikes a particular chord with me being a married man with kids and a libido :-)

    By paul at Nov 20, 12:24 #

  18. Paul, sadly, due to Xmas commitments on the home front, I will be unable to catch Sir Cocker in action. I think most people on this forum who follow him closely will have an inkling of what track 8 is!
    Homewrecker is another standout track for me:
    Jarv goes jazz!!!!!!

    By KARYN BROWN at Nov 20, 12:37 #

  19. I think hearing the FC songs live is superior to the album. No offense to anyone, especially the great Steve Albini, but there’s not enough rawness for my liking. I may be a bit too rough around the edges.

    So both my turntables are missing their needles, which is just ridiculous. I’m going to run by my dad’s this weekend so we can drop a new distributor in my car and I’ll bring some vinyl to compare against the single and see what I can hear.

    Off topic, is it weird to get random marriage proposals through MySpace?

    By Megan at Nov 20, 14:56 #

  20. Meg,

    I run a million miles away from Myspace, being honest, so go carefully….

    By KARYN BROWN at Nov 20, 15:50 #

  21. Sad u can’t make the live shows Karyn – we are going t the Wellington show. I never saw pulp live although have been a fan since his n hers so i’m really looking forward to it. I remember seeing Razzmatazz on TV in the UK when they did it at glasto 94 and was hooked.

    Yeah the album has a kind of murky quality to it which has to be atributed to the albini production although he did the new manic street preachers album which sounds awesome.

    I guess its not unusual to get proposals over the net – or as unusual as talking to complete strangers over the net about bad vinyl pressings etc. btw are u 2 always online?

    By paul at Nov 20, 15:58 #

  22. I’m usually very antisocial but Jarvis has netted me a lot of new friends this year. So thanks, Cocker. This one was a random proposal as I don’t know the guy, so I’m wondering if that was normal. MySpace sucks donkey balls but it’s the only way to keep in touch with a few people I still talk to, so I’m pretty stuck on crap social networking sites.

    I’m just online throughout random times of the day (and sometimes during classes). Like everything else I do, Internet time is sporadic.

    By Megan at Nov 20, 18:58 #

  23. I tend to steer clear of all that facebook stuff as i find it too time consuming but i spend a load of time on youtube and sometimes get into some interesting dialogue with random people on there.

    The band I was in has a myspace but again i try and steer clear off that too. Its nice to chat with people who you have no idea who they are sometimes though.

    I think we are getting yr aussie heatwave in NZ now- is 29 here 2day. I painted our frnt wall this avo and the paint dried in 20 mins.

    Classes, are u a student or a teacher? what are u studying? I am a teacher which is why i spend a lot of time on the net – researching for my course ;-)

    By paul at Nov 20, 19:44 #

  24. Yeah, a random chat is refreshing. The chats that always pull me out of my shell are on books, music and film, hence my presence here. :)

    I’m a student for now. I probably did a stupid thing by switching majors from psychology to French halfway through but now I think I can do both while minoring in Art History. The frustrating thing about post-secondary school is being forced to just choose one thing. I’ve been online sort of a lot lately because I’ve got writer’s block (on a novel) and it drives me mad. So I go online to help sort out all this music I have on my hard drive that my ex left unlabeled. Sometimes I’ll find a good song that’ll knock some ideas loose.

    By Megan at Nov 20, 20:08 #

  25. Hey – just had a squizz at yr youtube – yr in the US! I thought u were in Aus like Karyn.

    I am surprised Jarv is known over there – were pulp big in the US to?

    I teach a kind of bastard mismash of marketing and management at a university – some of my students make me feel like Jarv obviously does – an old letch trying to come to grips with their age – i’m a year younger than him though.

    Some crazy vids u have on utube – were u in france because of your degree? Must have been great to be at those shows

    By paul at Nov 20, 22:28 #

  26. Oh yes, I’m US raised but coined the term “internationally homeless” to go with my wandering lifestyle. Pulp and the other big hitters in the second British Invasion were pretty well known here, though the last time Pulp played on the west coast I was too young to go see them. Most of my classmates have heard of them, though they’re all the art kids.

    I was in France doing research for a screenplay, actually. Just living there and soaking up the atmosphere and stumbled across him, hence my irrational exuberance in the videos. :) It was really heady, that sort of thing usually doesn’t happen to me.

    So why do your students make you feel like an old lech? Forgive my picking your brain, but my book’s actually about a lech professor and any insight would be most helpful!

    By Megan at Nov 20, 23:16 #

  27. Lol – do you really expect me to answer that – especially here. Suggest you listen to Angela, Homewrecker and Track 8 again – great insights into the mid 40’s male mind. Lets just say i still feel the same age as my 20 something students which is sometimes frustrating because i’m not!

    yes i love the div comedy – i have a pretty wide taste – grew up on punk/new wave – yep im so old that i saw the likes of the buzzcocks and the clash etc back in the late 70’s. Also a big fan of the ramones and that kind of cbgbs type of thing.

    By paul at Nov 20, 23:55 #

  28. To me, Jarvis is more like a fine wine than an old letch….:))) it’s raining here now,
    YIPPEEE!!!! Perfect Saturday nite!

    By KARYN BROWN at Nov 20, 23:56 #

  29. We all are like a fine wine – teach u stuff, though he’s lookin rough ;-)

    So pleased u are gettin wet over there – saw the fires on the news

    By paul at Nov 21, 01:04 #

  30. Hey Meg,
    did you have any luck with your stylus situation, re vinyl???? Have the glorious strains of “Girls” eventuated, re scratchy quality dilemma? The verdict, please.

    By KARYN BROWN at Nov 21, 01:28 #

  31. I love how we’ve hijacked the website for our own little chat room. :) Believe me, I’ve listened to plenty of Jarvis and Pulp whilst writing. A friend asked for a Jarvis compilation and disc 1 is the Pulp years (I know, impossible to cram on just one disc!) and disc 2 is the solo stuff from 2003 on. Sometimes I put that on, sometimes Further Complications is enough.

    I feel you on wide musical tastes. I feel like I’m halved pretty evenly between the good twee like Belle and Sebastian and the really rough stuff like the Buzzcocks, Clash, Violent Femmes and 70s punk. My two albums over the summer was the self-titled God Help the Girl and FC, and both pretty accurately sum up my life right about now. Make of that what you will…

    Karyn, tomorrow I’m going to invite myself over to my dad’s to use the turntable for a bit. We’ll see how it pans out. I brought Angela over there when I was housesitting last.

    By Megan at Nov 21, 10:23 #

  32. So I gotta ask – whats on yr pulp best of? The pulp lp that i play most these days is we love life – Wickerman is epic. I really like the stuff frm just before his n hers too – Inside Susan and Shefield Sex City are great.

    over our winter it has been FC, journal 4 plague lovers by the manics and the Duckworth Lewis Method lp – a concept album about cricket! (Karyn might understand)

    Yeah the chatboard is great – thanks jarv for giving me the opprtunity to chat with random women around the world. So Meg – we await the outcome of the vinyl test….

    By paul at Nov 21, 11:29 #

  33. I think a lot of men can thank Jarvis for giving them opportunities to chat up women. ;) The Pulp disc is unfortunately slanted more towards the later stuff but features at least one song from every Pulp album from It onwards. I suppose it won’t hurt to post the tracklisting, as it’s not like I’m going to make a profit or become famous off of making a mix CD:

    1. My Lighthouse
    2. I Want You
    3. Love Is Blind
    4. Little Girl (With Blue Eyes)
    5. Joyriders
    6. She’s A Lady
    7. Do You Remember the First Time?
    8. Mis-Shapes
    9. Pencil Skirt
    10. Common People
    11. Disco 2000
    12. Bar Italia
    13. The Fear
    14. Help The Aged
    15. I’m A Man
    16. This Is Hardcore
    17. Bad Cover Version

    I tried to steer clear of making a best of or copying Hits but there were some major ones you just have to put on. And I had to cut so much! Lots more experimental earlier stuff, plus a lot of really great B-sides. And I have the Peel sessions thanks to an over exuberant ex-boyfriend who downloaded everything Pulp ever a few years back.

    I got one of the DLM singles off of iTunes but I haven’t heard the entire album yet. I know even less about cricket than I do about American baseball (not a sports person), but I imagine the music can still be fun without intimate knowledge of the game. The only sport I’m remotely good at, besides billiards and foosball, is what the rest of the world calls football and Americans call soccer. Because we can’t get anything right. ;) I have been lucky enough to catch Neil live a few years back, which was apparently the last time he toured the US (for Absent Friends). It was such a great intimate little show and he, funny enough, covered Disco 2000 while the guy standing behind me passed round a petition to get Pulp to tour the US again. It’s like everything ties back to Jarvis.

    By Megan at Nov 21, 11:53 #

  34. Yes – a bloody hard call to do a pulp comp with so much class material to choose from. Definitely agree with the early stuff – I want you and little girl are so dark. Would have had pink glove myself along with Live Bed Show and Underwear from Diff Class and Dishes from Hardcore – nice to see I’m A Man there though.

    We Love Life is an album that needs to be listened to from start to finish really – Birds in yr Garden is the obvious omission. I’ve got the peel sessions to – the live version of Sorted on that is awesome.

    The DLM album is a must if you like Neil Hannon – Some of the most beautiful tunes i’ve heard for a long time. The only thing yu need t know about cricket is that its a pointless but beautiful wrld of its own that is only played in summer, can take days and often ends in a draw – go figure!

    You shld check out the manics lp if yu haven’t heard it – also produced by albini and released the day before FC.

    By paul at Nov 21, 12:58 #

  35. Re Natural Disasters – I believe the North of England ( trad. Jarv country!) has had ‘widespread flooding ‘, something like a month’s worth of rain in a day! Our thoughts are with Pulp/Jarvis fans in those areas.

    Re cricket, it’s not etirely pointless as English people will also attest, played with a bat, ball wicket with ‘stumps’ etc. In fact to watch it can be intriguing and relaxing at the same time.

    There’s a bit of excitement when someone bowls someone out and knocks the stumps around. Ditto when they have charismatic Aussie commentators like Mark Taylor (his mouth goes faster than his brain!) Bill Lawry (overtly emotional caller, who adores pigeons and has a big nose) Tony Greig, (South African/UK heritage, which makes for an interesting accent) and the grandfather of them all who kinda retired in France, ironically and is the EASIEST commentator to impersonate, Ritchie Benaud, who has a knack in pronouncing “2” as “tew”, given his nasal approach and saying such well worn phrases as “marvellous” & “super effort that.” Parky (Mike) LOVES him!

    Re Steve Albini production : I never thought he’d attempt disco regarding the last track on FC, but it is a winning combination. Waiting with baited breath on the latest single and how it fares on the ‘wheels of steel’………

    By KARYN BROWN at Nov 21, 15:48 #

  36. Yeah those floods are in cumbria – is the opposite side from the peoples republic of yorkshire – i am from england but am a southerner.

    I’m also a huge cricket fan – sounds like you know a bit about the game there Karyn – yes the commentators are hillarious – Is a great way to spend the summer though – is quite ppular here in NZ as well although we always get beaten by Aussie.

    Any comments on Megs pulp compilation? Were pulp big in Australia too? Btw we have your rain now – hot again tomorrow though – yay fr the summer – its on its way.

    By paul at Nov 21, 17:20 #

  37. my o doesnt wrk properly :-(

    By paul at Nov 21, 17:22 #

  38. Those “in the know” namely the indie masses,
    are aware of Pulp, the big hurdle there is that Australia, like America, (absolutely no offence, Meg, she has discerning taste!) cannot fully grasp the “British” concept of songwriting. Although Jarv seems to have hit the high – time (no prizes for what) in the US, (the photos with George Clooney were most surprising, I think HE was star -struck in one photo) quite well.

    I won a comp for a Pulp gig in Sydney, when they came out in 1998, & it was not a ‘pluck them out of the water’ effort, it required a certain amount of brains & yours truly couldn’t believe her luck when she was picked. They were asking (Juice Magazine) why would you like to PARTY HARD with Pulp
    and I added, because I could see it quite clearly in the mind’s eye (nobody was going to get this!) the following :
    “So I could wear LIPGLOSS with COMMON PEOPLE.”

    I have most of the releases Meg mentions, ‘tho truth be told the modern incarnation of Pulp gets a run on my player when the mood takes me. And the solo stuff (RM notwithstanding). Found that a little OTT, it’s not the Jarvis I know, IMHO.

    I am not terribly keen on the summer these days but we have it for 3 long nerve -wracking months, hope the winter provides the respite soon. I take the comment on cricket (explaining to Meg) as being sarcastic, very British ;)

    By KARYN BROWN at Nov 21, 18:37 #

  39. Summer in NZ is nice – its the winter thats the hard one. No i wasn’t being sarcastic – just couldn’t be bothered to explain cricket to her and didn’t want to come across as some kind of sport jock – but cricket is almost nonsport! I love it.

    Nice one on winning the comp – must have been interesting – i guess u got to meet them?

    I quite liked what little of RM i’ve heard but that was only the track sexualised – the words are good. Did u see that clip on utube with jarv n beth ditto? thats so awesome!

    Looking back on pulp i really think they saved their best til last – I was travelling when WLL first came out and didn’t hear anything from it until i discovered utube – Getting that album was such an unexpected treat.

    By paul at Nov 21, 19:30 #

  40. Yes, I did get to meet 2 members, Richard & Steve, both lovely in nature, the latter fellow has no knowledge as to why I won, however, there was a lot of pressure, as I wasn’t formally introduced to either and a thousand feelings were swirling around. Jarv was absent that evening too, but I believe in the old adage, “there’s a time for everything”…….. maybe that time (in a way) was, but there’s always hope one way or another!

    The Beth n’ Jarv combo is impressive – I have the video to watch @ liberty. Actually, Beth’s band (Gossip) is finally breaking big with a couple of singles down here, and she performed on ROVE some time ago to a rapturous response. Shame his variety show has folded, look it up on Youtube, the clip may just be there… GOSSIP LOVE LONG DISTANCE ON ROVE is the key words.

    By KARYN BROWN at Nov 21, 20:14 #

  41. Sorry I disappeared, I was off finishing my second book. I’m dead tired now and probably won’t make much sense, but who cares? It’s just us here anyway. :)

    I love Relaxed Muscle, it’s such a guilty pleasure of mine. Jarvis won’t be surprised, he thinks I’m a complete pervert anyway. Sadly, I had to leave it off the second (solo) disc for my friend’s compilation because he’s a family man and I had to keep it relatively clean. No hard feat!

    I thought I had more to say but what little mind I have is leaving me…

    By Megan at Nov 21, 21:55 #

  42. Oh is the whole thing a bit dirty then? I’ll have 2 pick up the album :-)

    I thought u were at yr dads spinning the vinyl – still finishing the book is good – is it any good?

    I have just finished putting the kids to bed – now have the whole evening to myself – wife at work til 9 – was going to do some gardening but thats a bit middle aged – I’ll have a smoke and listen to some music instead – back to the harsh reality of work tomorrow. I watched a bit of your diary today meg – it felt really voyeuristic – like i was net stalking u or something – weird cos u wouldn’t have posted it if u didn’t want people to watch.

    Hey Karyn – we get rove here too – he is always taking the piss outta NZ – but some of the bands he has are cool – didn’t see the gossip episode – i’ll see if i can find on utube.

    By paul at Nov 21, 23:03 #

  43. Yes, RM is good old fashioned techno perv music that would be blaring distorted over the speakers in a condemned warehouse while you were being felt up in the alley out back. Very entertaining, though!

    Sorry, the vinyl experiment’s been pushed to Wednesday now, dad delayed me a bit. I really need to get on eBay and buy the parts to rebuild my Technics turntable, I just keep forgetting. As to whether my book’s any good … I guess that’s not for me to say. I like it, but prefer my first one better. I think the first is more witty but it’s also more dirty. I don’t mind you watching the videos, I’m careful about what I put up there as I’ve had Internet stalkers before and know how to deal with them. :P

    Back to Jarvis, I love his duet with Beth Ditto. Gossip just did a free show at Ameoba recently here in LA but something came up and I couldn’t go. I was really irked, because I would much rather have been there than fighting my classmates over a group project at school. Either of you heard his track from Fantastic Mr. Fox? It’s a cute little song. I haven’t seen the film yet but I’m a huge Wes Anderson fan (and okay, I think he’s cute too) so I’ll see it before too long. I’m curious to see puppet Jarvis in action.

    By Megan at Nov 22, 12:33 #

  44. Yes I checked out the other RM n utube last nite – i loved the one about ‘but fcuking DRUGS’. Also checked that clip of ditto on Rove – cool performance.

    I heard that he was doing the fantastic mr fox thing but thats all – he prob had albert in mind when he did it. My boy is the same age so both jarv and myself are ‘grandad’ dads.

    Yeah – i know about net stalkers too – my ex wife :( I did think the catwoman suit was awesome though ;)

    we’ll get the vinyl verdict on weds then – if they’re all duff i reckon rought trade owe us a free download!

    If you want someone to look at yr stories i would be interested – i have pretty out there tastes in literature though – brett easton ellis, irvine welsh etc.

    By paul at Nov 22, 19:21 #

  45. Weird – i didn’t do the strikethough!

    By paul at Nov 22, 20:04 #

  46. I think I read somewhere that he and Wes have become friends, so there may be some more collaborations in the future, which would be fun. I get a special pleasure in seeing my favourite artists team up, it sort of validates my good taste. :) Like when Jarvis and Neil Hannon teamed up for Charlotte Gainsbourg’s 5:55 album. I about died when I heard Neil worked with the Belle and Sebastian team for God Help the Girl but I was disappointed it was only for one song. That was a fantastic combination.

    Anyway, the cat suit does seem to be fairly popular. ;) It hasn’t netted me as many new friends as bumming around with Jarvis — at least, not the kind of friends who want to talk!

    Well, you may like my writing, I don’t know. I’m finishing up a second draft that I’ll soon start shopping to agents in the hopes that someone else might like it. I love the dialogue, it’s very sharp without being sarcastic (because sarcasm was murdered by hipsters here) and witty but the book is pretty dark and dirty, so I hope you like swears, nasty insults and sex scenes.

    Then again, you are a fan of Jarvis…

    By Megan at Nov 23, 10:10 #

  47. Hey – i’m unshockable – read American Psycho from cover to cover! (oh no – really sound like a stalker now) u could send to paul4003 yahoo com – address is already spammed 2 fcuk!

    I have never really heard much belle and sebastian although they must be good cos john peel used to play em. I have been listening to a lot of The Fall recently – had forgottn just hw good they were/are – check out cruisers creek live on utube. That american chick kiks butt on the guitar.

    i would imagine the cat suit attracts every pervert in LA for miles. I spent time in LA a few years bak – biggest memory is how many down n outs you have on the streets – was worse than bangkok. Bin to Sydney too Karyn – kings cross and all that – loved how u can buy weed from the hot choc kiosks!

    Better do sum work now i guess – got a test 2 write :-(

    By paul at Nov 23, 12:58 #

  48. Well I still need to finish up the second draft before I start parceling it out with a red pen attached for feedback. The end is in sight, though! I just got distracted writing that new novel for a competition.

    I love B&S, they’re quite varied but for the most part good old fashioned addictive Scottish pop. I have to admit, for my crusty exterior attitude and deep love for raucous distortion and punk, my creamy interior is entirely Scotch pop. I’ve befriended a few musicians out there and hope to go visit next summer for my birthday before moving back to Paris, and there’s even been talk of performing with some of ‘em, so that’d be really great!

    Oh, the cat suit. Yes, perverts abound here, so it’s not hard to find one. I discovered by accident that if I put on some stage makeup to make it look like my face was beat with a brick I’m left unmolested on the Metro. I’d tried everything else and was still sexually harassed, propositioned (the best was being offered $50 to go home with a guy to “entertain” him and a houseful of friends while he played with a pocket knife), but doing my busted up zombie makeup before taking public transit did wonders. :) So you can get pot on the streets in Sydney? Interesting…

    By Megan at Nov 24, 09:41 #

  49. Scotch pop lol – i think you mean Scottish – scotch is a drink. So what other scottish pop do you like – The only other person i can think of is Roddy Frame/Aztec Camera – i was a fan of his for a while there back in the mid 80’s – I look back on the 80’s as being dreadful for music though – only the Smiths/The Fall/Jesus and Mary chain/XTC to save us from bland over produced crap.

    50 bux? what a cheapskate – I’ve never paid for anything like that in my life but 50 bux would have been a bargain ;-)

    OK – if u want me to look when you’ve though no worries – i’m really good with a red pen – but i don’t give extensions so don’t ask!

    Sydney n pot- not quite on the street so to speak but almost – and i missremembered slightly – there are kiosks which sell drinks and snacks pretty much 24/7 in central sydney – the code was to ask for a hot choc and you got a little something extra – expensive hot choc though! There are territories in aus where pot is sort of legal – there is a place called Nimbin (or something like that where it is pretty much available on the street. There is a chick who hangs here sometimes who would know a little more about it (her name is Karyn………)

    Have u ever been to Aus or NZ? I’m not a huge fan of Aus – a little too americanised (whoops – insult u both in one sentence) and way too hot in the summer – also too many dangerous critters. NZ has no dangerous critters – 4 full seasons but a lot of sunshine – especially where i live. NZ is also much more british – probably the closest to the UK culturally than anywhere else in the world. I love NZ – outstanding natural beauty – very few people and great climate 2 grow ‘stuff’ – hurrah 4 NZ – u should visit one day. Oh and avoid Scotland in the winter – u wouldn’t like it!

    By paul at Nov 24, 15:55 #

  50. I know scotch is a drink! If there’s one thing I know, it’s my liquors. And which ones I like. ;) Aztec Camera is good, as is Camera Obscura, Teenage Fanclub, Orange Juice, the Pastels … so much good Scottish music! I’m making a pilgrimage almost solely for all the good music I’ll catch there. The architecture and art scene are pretty nice too, but the music!

    I’ve never paid for sex either (why should I?) or been paid for it, but seriously, I’m worth far more than that! Even with a group discount it should be more than $50 per man. They were all gang members and shorter than me, and I’m not an excessively tall person. Plus, you can tell just by looking at a guy if he knows how a woman really works and that guy didn’t.

    No extensions, eh? You drive a hard deal, but I’m still pounding away at the manuscript. Today’s off, as it’s Thanksgiving here and I must figure out how to repair my crème brûlée. I made the mistake of trying a different recipe from a 60s housewife cookbook, and those fools don’t know a damn thing about French cuisine. I should have known, since the opposite page held a recipe for a frozen chocolate mousse, ugh. Oh, but yesterday I did get to my dad’s finally, and after some emergency babysitting for my sister and a few hours work on my car (only to find out it’s still got issues) I did the turntable test. I brought 3 records: my God Help the Girl 10”, the Further Complications single and the album of the same name on vinyl. GHTG played great, so there was no issues with dad’s turntable or the speakers. You are right about the track FC being a bit fuzzy, mainly on the vocal track from what I could tell. Girls was crystal clear. However, I played the album and it’s the exact same sound as the single, so maybe when they were pressing the albums and singles they used the same fuzzy mix. Weirdly. The CD doesn’t have that problem, though.

    I haven’t been to Australia or NZ yet, though don’t worry about insulting me by saying something is Americanized. I know what you mean and I’m deeply disappointed when I see it! Speaking of which, the Louvre is putting a McDonald’s in itself and I swore quite a lot (in French, for good measure) when I heard that. I’m moving out there because I’m tired of all that crap here! Anyway, I’d love to visit NZ because I’ve heard nothing but great things about it, but I’ve also heard that it’s very hard to get in, even to visit. Is this true?

    By Megan at Nov 26, 09:44 #

  51. Hope you had a good weekend – mine was quiet – sick kids.

    So just my girls is all staticy? Just my luck – I’ll give it a clean and try again – i generally only play new vinyl once to get an MP3 copy – i’m a bit anal like that but wil try it again – i didn’t even play FC as I guessed it was same as LP.

    No – NZ isn’t hard to get into for holiday purposes – very easy fr british but wouldn’t be too much of a drama 4 an american – plenty of yank tourists here anyway. Is harder to migrate but would be 4 any cuntry (lol – pesky o). NZ relies on tourist dollar so go for it – Aus too if yu like the heat.

    Teenage fanclub – now there’s a blast from the past – I did prefer aztec camera though – think he is a great guitarist as well as songwriter – I loved the first LP at the time – reminds me of being 18 now. The Associates were good too. Jesus + mary Chain were scottish too but there’s another type of sound entirely!

    By paul at Nov 29, 19:37 #

  52. Yeah, I guess you did get the bum one of a thousand. Though if you ever did sell it I’m sure you could tart it up with some rare flaw, something along the lines of the Beatles butcher cover. A mistake turned into a collector’s fantasy. :)

    Hmm, okay then. I’d just heard horror stories from a guy I was in a play with, his dad was from NZ and he said to go visit you must get a visa and can’t work at all, stay at least 3 months and all that. I think he must have been looking at the wrong information, or assuming that you had to stay the whole time a tourist visa was valid. (And after researching France’s visas quite a lot, I know my visas!) I’d definitely love to go. Maybe after Scotland and France I’ll put NZ and Oz on my list of places to go. I can’t stand heat anymore, after living in San Francisco and moving back to L.A. it’s too much for me. This past summer saw us having 110 F (just over 43 C for you) heat waves and I couldn’t handle it anymore. But I did get a tan for the first time in ten years!

    Oh, when mentioning great Scottish bands I forgot to throw in the Vaselines! I’m friends with Eugene Kelly on Facebook and follow him/them on Twitter, they’ve just finished laying tracks for a new album, the first in 20 years! I’m so excited. And my favourite part of Belle and Sebastian, lead guitarist Stevie Jackson, has been touring with them and is on the album as well. And he’s coming out with a solo album next year that looks quite promising, so 2010 will be another great music year.

    I hope the kids are better now. Nothing too serious? The weekend was insane thanks to Thanksgiving and my nephew’s birthday. I didn’t get any homework done, but I was a bit lazy and also decided researching literary agents was something that needed to be done more than a paper on A Streetcar Named Desire. I’ll write it today during class. :)

    By Megan at Nov 30, 09:56 #

  53. No – nothing serious with the kids – just the usually spring colds – spring is totally up and down weather wise here – One day can be 25 degrees and the next its 12 – Like today :-(

    Your friend is probably correct about not being allowed to work on a visitors visa but not that you have to stay for 3 months – thats just wrong! I think NZ does have working holiday visas for people under a certain age – you might just scrape in!

    I have recently been wasting an awful lot of time reviewing albums on rate your – really its absolutely pointless but is strangely compelling – have yet to do any jarv or pulp but will get round to those in the end. What is yr fav pulp lp? Very difficult call but We Love Life is my most listened to these days. Have you checked out any of Richard Hawley’s stuff? I have only heard coles corner but that was mighty fine.

    So where is Karyn? Aussies have no staying power ;-)

    By paul at Dec 1, 15:13 #

  54. Yeah, I would just scrape by but I’m not a big fan of the NZ and Aussie work visas because it’s not that great a deal. You pretty much save all your own money to pay for airfare and a safety net and hardly make anything the entire time you’re living and working there. I’d rather go visit first and see if I like it, then see if they have an artist’s visa or something like that if I wanted to stay longer. I just don’t like the idea of working all the time and not coming out ahead.

    I’d say favourite Pulp album would be Different Class. It’s the first one I ever heard and it’s got Bar Italia and Pencil Skirt, two of my faves, though Hardcore is awfully good as well. I also fell in love with “My Lighthouse” off of the first album, even though it’s pretty different than any other early Pulp song. You know, I keep meaning to look deeper into Richard’s stuff but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. I have heard a little bit and I liked what I’ve heard, so I should look into him some more.

    By Megan at Dec 2, 09:54 #

  55. hey – send me an email or contact thru utube – I’m not sure that I enjoy the thought of the great man reading all this stuff!

    yes – My Lighthouse is great as is I want you and of course pencil skirt is awesome as is Underwear. Hope 2 hear from u soon.

    By paul at Dec 6, 15:22 #

  56. Love the website design, sitting here watching javis listening to the radio, really cool and unique idea.

    By jim Medcraft at Dec 16, 06:02 #