20 Pre-order Jarvis Cocker's first book, Mother, Brother, Lover now.

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Pre-order Jarvis Cocker’s first book, Mother, Brother, Lover now from Rough Trade.

Published by Faber & Faber, it will be released on 24th October 2011.

Faber says: ‘Mother, Brother, Lover takes the reader on a thirty-year tour into the life, art and preoccupations of one of the great British artists of the late twentieth century. Shocking, sharp, clever and funny, it is a beautiful collection of lyrics and commentary.’

Find more information here.


  1. Why are there no easy “share this” buttons on your site, Mr Cocker? That would make my girlish squee more useful.

    By K. A. Laity at Oct 1, 03:46 #

  2. For Jarvis,
    I have to apologise, because my beloved old community radio station is up & running online, so they kind of have precendence in recent times :) No offence to your lineup, of course, ‘tho !
    Looking forward to the show on the 9th :)

    By KARYN at Oct 6, 14:24 #

  3. Any chance of Mr Cocker doing the book signing thing? Reading extracts from Mother, Brother, Lover might be order as well. Can’t just let this one appear on a book shelf once published gathering dust. Wonder if it will be on the poetry or music shelf…

    By A ghost who used to play a guitar at Oct 9, 06:50 #

  4. Can I add a third option, AUTOBIOGRAPHY, heh heh ;)
    Currently constructing review @ the ‘mo….. we get it a day late… appreciate Monday mornings, makes things better :)))))

    By KARYN at Oct 9, 12:16 #

  5. Before I begin, isn’t it rather spooky (re Beatles) that Macca should get married again ‘round Lennon’s birthday……Most of this week’s show concerns this group, starting with the dark, bluesy “I WANT YOU”. I will add here also that the following tune was covered by a former Englishman, now an Aussie, JOHN FARNHAM. Check out his re-reading of “HELP” on UTUBE, quite different!

    Amusing speech by Lennon, too – yes, airy Librans can be bored, they keep changing their minds ;) “AUDIO MUESLI” – that’s a new term! SMITHS always turn out bleak classics that seem to have a driving beat nonetheless.

    Adorable brassy “BABY POP” kept me on my toes, and I get u Jarv, when u mention a cart wall ;) That quirky poem on fatherhood reminds me of a funny country song I can’t place the name of, but has a similar sort of family theme.
    Another self-indulgent French track before 1st news break, complete with banjo….more soon!

    By KARYN at Oct 10, 02:34 #

  6. Back again… had no idea the word “git” was used in some of the Beatles’ songs…..“COLD TURKEY” was a bit painful… following Lennon poem was smashing…. “MIND GAMES” was not quite of my era but being a prettier Lennon tune got played a lot. Budgie poem was undeniably cute… next song was toe -tappingly good, bar the swearing! The Marks and Spencer / Woolies reference was hilarious.

    Jarvis was mentioning flexi-discs concerning the Beatles – well, here in Australia we got them too thru Reader’s Digest – rare as hen’s teeth now!
    October pig piece was strangely calming to me, an odd musical background… before the SABBATH came crashing in.

    Another standout is an accordian song (MOON -MIST) which has a familiar easy -listening piano riff.

    By KARYN at Oct 10, 15:03 #

  7. Nice to hear the jive version of the BANANA SPLITS, again, not quite my time but it used to air in Oz in my youth.
    Gorgeous kiddie part straight after :)

    By KARYN at Oct 10, 15:13 #

  8. Congrats to Jarvis on his promotion to editor-at-large! At least, I’m assuming it’s a promotion and not a punishment. ;)

    By Meg at Oct 12, 20:21 #

  9. The 1st part of my next review… TOM WAITS’ 50’s inspired single fooled me that it was of the era, it was so ethereal. Jarvis gave a detailed description of being in Manchester, while he still maintained his soft spot for the SMITHS. No, your voice is NOT drony to me, Jarvis, quite the opposite :)

    The reflexes re connection between finger and button was a little slow off the mark, but hey, everyone that works in radio has their lapses, trust me!!!!
    LITTLE SISTER by NICO has a nice orchestral backdrop, and no it’s not the song u think!
    Synthpop tune by KEVIN AYERS sounds a little like NICK CAVE with your eyes closed! A marching groove sits right behind.
    RICHARD WARREN gives a bluegrass feel, celebrating the pedal steel, before things get trippy towards the end.

    MAGAZINE I know – my fav is “PARADE” – “PHYSICS” is quite wordy, “even truth can be a bad thing”, that’s life, folks! Pretty organ in the middle, the bird song sounds like a currawong (he’s like a crow but has a nicer tone, hence the call).
    THE BILL theme evokes a thousand confronting scenes in my mind – it was insanely popular here amongst those who like a bit of drama and suspense. One of our actors, DANIEL MACPHERSON (aka PC Cameron Tait) starred in the show. He’s now in mini -series “WILD BOYS” (colonial drama) & film THE CUP, based on a horse and jockey (being equine-minded, I wanna see it!!!!) He likes his camera angles does our Dan, just a bit of insider info ;)

    By KARYN at Oct 17, 12:38 #

  10. Continuing on…. MUD’s “TIGER FEET” came out when I was born, having heard it for the 1st time ever, it seems to be standard glam- rock, no pussy-footing there ;)
    ROSE & THE NIGHTINGALE is unabashedly romantic…..“WILD IS THE WIND” was originally done by JOHNNY MATHIS, I believe.
    DAVID BOWIE gives it an eccentric, indie twist.
    DUSTIN O’HALLORAN’s “OPUS 23” is haunting, with good reason.

    Love the intro to the medical benefits of MARCONI UNION’s “WEIGHTLESS”.
    Funnily enough, those premier musical relaxants ENIGMA also have a tune of the same name from their 2003 album “VOYAGEUR”….. enough of my other musical tastes….this does make you want to drift off – ideal in today’s hectic world – it swirls around the subconscious nicely with some gentle piano keys. Perfect for 40 winks.
    LEMON JELLY had a minor hit in Australia with “STAY WITH U”, “SOFT” has funky grooves and a CHICAGO ( “IF U LEAVE ME NOW”) sample.

    Interesting theories on “WHEN YOUR’E BORN”….good that Jarv could finish off the poem for us :)

    By KARYN at Oct 18, 15:09 #

  11. Ordered the book now – it’ll most likely be an Xmas gift now due to it’s Dec. Aussie release. Was having a yarn (i.e. chat) with the lady @ the counter & her colleague, a mad Pulp devotee, went ahead and named her baby boy after the obvious, there’s another one for you, Jarv ;)

    By KARYN at Oct 19, 02:00 #

  12. Another meal of “audio muesli” to purify the senses…on the whole (meal!) we hope! Jazzified cover of “LIFE ON MARS”, even ‘tho it is slightly noodly, it has some nice dreamy parts to it, before the man himself – he must be explaining about dechiphering lyrics of late….. it was in the news ages ago re some concerts… thanks for the 23 tie-ins, Jarv – really, “OPUS 23” should have been played this week!

    Good that Jarv has his standards, had some big words to say about the joys of the Ipod… giving us his 1st and last.

    THE SMURF SONG” is a little Irish in it’s approach, proving yet again JC has a cheesy side.
    Hope to add more to my review……:)

    By KARYN at Oct 24, 12:59 #

  13. Moving on… DIANA DORS’ poem and song are entertaining. BEACH HOUSE’s track makes modern usage of an old adage, while PEGGY LEE turns out a rag-ballad that is more my type of jazz.

    Opening lines of conversation are all great ice-breakers, I’m sure, but an Aussie pop star KEITH LAMB actually had the nous to turn it into a card game, “THE ART OF CONVERSATION” – check it out :)
    FELT’S “MY FACE IS ON FIRE” is oddball primal!

    WALLS’ “ECSTATIC TRUTH” has an overdub of accordians & twangy guitar before rapid dance beats. Uplifting keyboards.
    The chanting “OMMMM” almost mimics a blowfly before speaking mode! SANTANA is a bit overblown, but AMY is very nice :)))))))

    By KARYN at Oct 24, 15:02 #

  14. I’m looking forward to lead your book !
    But, I,m a Japanese and so indispensable dictionary !
    I’m fight !

    I’ love Jarvis xxx

    By arisan at Oct 29, 09:44 #

  15. Jarv,
    I think the above comment should say:
    “Looking forward to READING your book!” So am I, frankly speaking, for our summer.
    Great that the fan is so honest :)

    Bring on the next radio instalment – break a leg ;)

    By KARYN at Oct 29, 16:07 #

  16. Giddy – up (disc) jockey Jarv, it’s Cup time in Australia :))))))

    First out of the gates, galloping along at an electro pace, THE STRANGLERS gave us the pop hybrid “THE RAVEN”, (here, they’re called crows, btw!) It has a big scary synth ending.
    Halloween is also on the cards, thanks to some special prompting done the Jarvis way – with a squeal for good measure!

    2nd track “RIDE THE SOUL TRAIN” has striking brass arrangements over a dark tune that add colour to the piece.
    Speaking of dark, COSMIC SOUNDS’ reading of SCORPIO was rite on the money – I should know, being a passionate hero(ine) ;) Key phrases: ….“password is WIN” & “To be afraid & not care to be afraid”. Deft use of the cart afterwards!

    Didn’t think GRACE SLICK was capable of an uncommercial eerie masterpiece, track by CAN is like overwhelming indie-dub.
    However u say it Jarv, (TAGO MAGO) it computes with me :)
    Also, Happy Birthday to Pulp’s “sting in the tail” STEVE MACKEY for Nov. 10th.
    I’ve said this before, I hope to add more…

    By KARYN at Oct 31, 03:16 #

  17. The VANESSA PARADIS track is not bad…has LENNY’s fingerprints all over it ‘tho.

    By KARYN at Oct 31, 17:07 #

  18. Starting this week’s show with ambient master JMJ – instantly recognisable from 1st bleep!
    Great popping sound -effects Jarv, after all, radio is the ‘theatre of the mind!’

    BJORK (she’s a Scorpio – Nov. 21st) was the 2nd track incorporating weird choral approaches, may have heard it somewhere ;)
    Third one is KENNY G (!) Gee, you must be mellowing, Jarv ;) He’s enjoying commercial resurgence, of course, with KATY PERRY.

    Familiar cooee (i.e. echo) of PINK FLOYD brings back vague memories Apparently the record companty thought the melody line too depressing. JANUARY’s song has a lovely flute, very 60’s.

    By KARYN at Nov 7, 12:13 #

  19. I beg your pardon everyone I meant record COMPANY…. blame it on humid weather ;) more hopefully soon…..

    By KARYN at Nov 7, 12:17 #

  20. Interesting history on SIR JIMMY SAVILE (also a Scorp!) and his DJ past – nice brass rendition of “HUCKLEBUCK” – remember the vocal version being played on my old station.
    Handy he could borrow records from a friend when he got caught short. Successful French conversation in there. A weird and wonderful man.

    NIGEL KENNEDY gave us a classical, crashing, slightly disco sounding “HUDSON’S IBITHA (IBIZA??)” You’ve got to admire him paving the way for people like ANDRE RIEU.
    CCS cover was exotic, far better than the original. Jarv then proceeds to go country with STONEWALL JACKSON, “YEEHAWW!”

    BIG STAR’S song came out in a mess thru my ears, although the basketball fact was interesting. DENIM (did they not support Pulp back in the day, according to my old UK music mag???) were very catchy with a familar ’80s sample @ the beginning.
    Well, Jarv, you CAN talk over a record if it is faded down just so :)

    HAIR OR HAT” sketch was highly amusing, obviously made in the days before hair extensions ;) CRAMPS were good fun, too.

    By KARYN at Nov 7, 15:19 #