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19 May 09 Tagged: Further Complications, Gallery

Jarvis Cocker recently mused that if the voices suggesting or pronouncing the imminent death of the music industry are to be believed, then music may soon revert to an art form free from any commercial obligations. To explore this idea Jarvis and his band installed themselves in a Parisian art gallery for five days and exhibited themselves playing music under many different guises; as an accompaniment to an yoga class, as a treat for local school kids, as a facility for local musicians to drop in and improvise with and many more, full footage of which can be viewed at the link beneath.

Through performing music for such an array of purposes Jarvis has raised the question of what is music? A point that those pronouncing its death should be considering. To help spark this re evaluation “Further Complications”. is to be stocked by a number of UK art galleries in a bid to recontextualise the album and make the point that this item is very different to the other ones on the shelves of Tesco.

ICA London

Isis Gallery London

Bodhi Bar and Gallery Brick Lane

Bank Street Arts Sheffield

Site Gallery Sheffield

SOMA Gallery Bristol