13 Jarvis Cocker Makes an Exhibition of Himself - Again!

19 October 09 Tagged: Further Complications, Jarvis

Following the success of his residency at the Galerie Chappe in Paris back in May (Google it if you missed it) Jarvis Cocker & his fellow musicians will install themselves in the Village Underground, 54 Holywell Lane, London EC2A 3PQ for 5 days in November.

Happening between Monday 9th November and Wednesday 11th November, the exhibition will run from 12pm to 6pm each day and entry will be free. The event will culminate in a concert at 9pm on the 11th.

Tickets for the concert are available exclusively here and are priced at £30.

As in Paris, during the course of the 5 days they will be inviting members of the public to participate in live musical improvisations (participants must bring their own instruments – amplification provided), they will provide live musical accompaniment to various exercise classes (including Yoga & hopefully, Aerobics) & they will be inviting guest artists to come & perform with them at various times during the residency.

The whole event will be webcast via and you may wish to peruse the “manifesto” that accompanied the Parisian version to get a flavour of what it’s all about.

Get updates on what will be happening through this website and

This promises to be a unique event & your participation would be appreciated.


  1. Hay – are 5 year olds welcome or was the Paris kids event because it was children’s day there?

    He’s keen to go on Sunday.
    But is it midday onwards? Not 6pm?

    Confused but keen to advance nephew’s musical education in style!

    By LizElen at Oct 23, 02:02 #

  2. Just read that Jarvis’ rythym guitarist is Martin Craft, an Aussie! Astrologically, if anyone is a dependable bandmate for a Virgo
    (Jarv!) then it’s Capricorn Crafty!
    They are both Earth signs, you see. And the fact that he comes from my country makes me very proud! Have heard of his old band Sidewinder, but not their many 90s works,
    unfortunately. Off to enjoy our spring weather…. ONYA MARTIN!!!!

    By KARYN BROWN at Oct 28, 15:10 #

  3. What exactly is going on Saturday night and Sunday? I would like to come with some friends and have a jam and maybe do some yoga.

    By Laura at Oct 29, 04:30 #

  4. I want to attend this but I am not sure of the times. it did say that it would begin on the sunday and events would be starting at 6pm but i have just had an email stating that it is from the monday and that it will be from 12-6 everyday. i really need to know so that i can book time off work for one of the days. i tried calling the venue but they do no know. any ideas?


    By Joe at Oct 29, 09:21 #

  5. I’d say stick with the email, Joe, since that’s the newest information.

    I’m a bit bummed that the UK seems to get all the merch, though! Neither Paris nor L.A. had any goods so I’m making my own t-shirt for the time being. Sort of a drag.

    By Megan at Oct 29, 10:59 #

  6. Dear Megan,
    can you go to a wood. to frighten local animals. Sorry. / no interesting /

    i think… “from 12pm to 6pm”. your rates?

    By KrOlga at Oct 29, 17:07 #

  7. KrOlga, I speak a few languages but Idiot isn’t one of them. Please hire a translator and return when you can properly insult. In the meantime, sod off. Can you understand that?

    By Megan at Oct 30, 09:39 #

  8. This may interest Jarvis and co.,
    There are a couple of interesting ‘cat – themed’ PULP singles up for sale, (on Ebay, no less!) if you get my drift, as we speak:
    They are – 130341387765
    I read in an Aussie edition of “SMASH HITS” ’96 that Jarvis was a “cat person” as
    opposed to the doggy nemesis….
    Kind of cute.

    Oh, & while on the subject of animals,
    my horse CRIME SCENE came second in the Melbourne Cup to SHOCKING. Congrats to the winner’s trainer, he has had a hard time, so it was compelling telly viewing, from a horse-lover’s point of view. Always a thrill every November!

    By KARYN BROWN at Nov 3, 00:29 #

  9. Hello there,
    myself and a number of yogini’s (a mixture of yoga teachers and trainee’s are interested in coming down next week. is there any more specific times for when the yoga sessions are?? So sorry to be so conformist as to ask for a schedule but theres child care issuses!! we might of course be up for leading some classes. I have looked about on web, if theres a better link pls send- thank you.

    By Jane Simpson at Nov 5, 14:05 #

  10. This post is confusing as hell – it says for 5 days but also states starting from Monday 9th until Wednesday 11th..? .. as does the diary. This is three days. Not five.

    So is he there on Saturday and Sunday or not?!

    I have been hoping for further clarification somewhere on the site but it has not appeared….

    anyone help?

    By Carolynn Hansen at Nov 6, 09:53 #

  11. Carolynn, I think Jarvis’s email on the event has the most recent information. It says they will be performing from 9 November to 11 November (Monday through Wednesday) from 12-6 each afternoon. Nothing more specific than that, other than the £30 concert afterward.
    Jane, you might want to try writing a direct letter by clicking on MORE at the top of the site, then going down to contact and filling out the form. Hopefully someone will get back to you with more info.
    And because I love to share, Jarvis’s brand new video for “Further Complications.” It’s brilliant, share it!

    By Megan at Nov 6, 10:36 #

  12. Thanks for the vid, Meg, The vid’s a bit “boxed – in,” isn’t it? They say the only time you are really free is just before you are born, & I think that Jarv illustrates this to a T in the new single.
    I just wish that wind machine would be more lenient with the jacket, as he looks nice in a shirt and trousers……..

    By KARYN BROWN at Nov 6, 16:17 #

  13. My pleasure, Miss Karyn! For being a lanky guy, Jarvis can fold up quite small. I think I could fit him in my carry on luggage the next time I travel. ;)

    I think we’re only really free when we’re dreaming, but you know how I am about dreams.

    By Megan at Nov 7, 00:32 #