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1 October 09 Tagged: Further Complications, Jarvis

Just to further complicate things Mr Jarvis Cocker is releasing a highly limited (1,000 copies only) 7’” 45 rpm single on the 9th of November this year. It’s a double-A sided affair featuring “Further Complications” (from the Rough Trade album of the same name) on one side & “Girls Like it Too” on the other. Both tracks were recorded in Chicago by Steve Albini earlier this year. “Further Complications” you may already familiar with, “Girls Like it Too” probably not – & there’s a bit of a story behind that song…..would you care to hear it? You would? Splendid – well, the song’s title comes from a speech made at John Peel’s funeral by his brother Alan. It seems that the younger Ravenscroft asked his big brother John for some advice on how to deal with the lustful thoughts that were beginning to stir in his teenage body & John replied “Just remember: girls like it too” – a pretty good piece of sex education in anyone’s language. This anecdote made a great impression on Jarvis at the time & now it has finally found its way into a song, almost 5 years to the day since the great man’s passing in October 2004. Yes, it really is that long ago already.

To mark the release Jarvis & the band will be occupying the “Village Underground” complex in Shoreditch & doing another event along the lines of their week-long residency in the Galerie Chappe in Paris earlier this year. That event involved open-to-all improvisation sessions, Yoga classes with live musical accompaniment, Belly Dancing workshops, Kids activities & performances with special guests – & they intend to take the idea to the next level this time. Watch some of the fun & games that happened – on Youtube. More details nearer the date.

Jarvis (or a puppet looking suspiciously like him) can be seen in the new Wes Anderson movie “The Fantastic Mr Fox” which is opening the London Film Festival this year. He also contributed a song to the soundtrack of the film (& his car’s in it too!). Jarvis is currently working on ideas for a video to accompany the single with the talented French director Stephanie di Giusto who has previously made clips for Brigitte Fontaine & Camille as well as producing a recently-released “cinematic portrait” of the actress Lou Douillon.

He would also like you to know that all the podcasts of him reading short stories that were previously on his MySpace page will shortly be available to download from this website – & he’s even threatening to do some more! Plus, there should be some footage from the Galerie Chappe event up there soon too. Ok, ok – we know: information overload!! But listen, thanks for taking the time to read this…& here’s to a pleasantly complicated October.

Pre-order Further Complications from Rough Trade Shop


  1. Please release Girls Like It Too on another format. Vinyl is cool but we’d love to hear that song either on cd or digitally…

    By Andy at Oct 1, 06:35 #

  2. No no no. A vinyl release of this single makes it much more important and exclusive. Fans should not automatically be given whatever they want on whatever format they want. The single is limited to only 1000 copies (300 of which will be based in the UK). If you are gonna release it on CD or give a free MP3 download which the person above obviously wants….then it renders the single pointless.

    And i think i speak for everyone when i say that music in a limited edition vinyl is far more valuable, sounds much better and is more worthwhile. Just keep it on vinyl

    By GMC at Oct 1, 12:58 #

  3. I definately agree. Vinyl is the coolest and most beautiful format for music. The sound and artwork are always superior, digital music has no soul and without any physical side to it its just information that can be destroyed with the click of a button.

    By Matt at Oct 2, 04:03 #

  4. One reason to not release it on CD is hardly anyone stocks CD singles these days. I prefer vinyl and bought most of my records, particularly singles, on vinyl for quite a while. There are a large number of people who don’t have turntables any more, so the download would give non-luddites the chance to hear it.

    By ArrGee at Oct 2, 04:47 #

  5. Very good news that Jarvis has decided to release the odd rare vinyl – it shows he appreciates the value of a tune which is an admirable quality.

    May I take this opportunity of thanking Jarvis’ former group, Pulp, for their Sydney show on Sept. 28 1998, as I was the lucky winner of a competition with JUICE MAGAZINE, MTV & Mercury Records. Backstage, I got to meet STEVE MACKEY & RICHARD HAWLEY in the process.

    How did I win? They were posing the question, “Why would you like to PARTY HARD with PULP? to which I swiftly responded, in full:
    “I would like to PARTY HARD with PULP so I could wear LIPGLOSS with COMMON PEOPLE”.

    I have the photo & letter if any fans or indeed, the great man would like to see the proof down the line. It remains a big highlight of my lifetime, and a memory I will treasure always.
    In the meantime, more power to Jarv, and sincere gratitude,
    HOO ROO (slang for goodbye!)
    Karyn Brown.

    By KARYN BROWN at Oct 2, 16:14 #

  6. “If you are gonna release it on CD or give a free MP3 download which the person above obviously wants…”

    oh so you know what i want then ? To answer politely, you are far from the truth. Music should never be free. there’s hard work and money involved, artists deserve to be paid for their work.

    I just think “Girls like it too” needs a wider release. it’s such a great song and it’s pity only you and 999 (me included, coz i bought the vinyl) are gonna be able to hear it. If the last “major” and “good” artists like Jarvis only think fanbase for their singles, then music will die faster than it already is.

    By andy at Oct 5, 13:54 #

  7. It starts and ends with sex. And most everything in the middle is sex, too. Thanks for finally releasing “Girls Like It Too,” I’ve been itching for it (in a good way, not a ‘please see a doctor’ way). Wish I could be there for the Village Underground shows but perhaps I’ve already hit my quota on Jarvis for the year. Let someone else have a go.

    - The dirty minded triangle playing Sgt. Pepper’s lunchbox toting tart with the great wardrobe

    By Megan at Oct 7, 10:34 #

  8. Girls Like It Too is JC´s most overt pop song since Bad Cover Version or maybe even Disco 2000. Make this available on i-tunes and the like, play it live on Jonathan Ross, (I´m sure Jarvis would have great ideas for a video/promo an´all) and you´ve got the single of the year. It already is to us, but damn it, this song needs to be heard by a wider audience.

    Please, this needs a digital release seeing as CD singles have died a death.

    By Eamonn at Oct 9, 09:25 #

  9. For the terminal complainers: look into an ion turntable. For $100 (US) you’ve got a decent little turntable that comes with the USB hookups and the software to rip all your vinyl to mp3s. C’mon, if you’re sophisticated enough to complain anonymously via the Internet, you’re sophisticated enough to plug in a cable and click a button! Don’t make Jarvis do all the work, he’s busy shaking his arse.

    By Megan at Oct 9, 11:00 #

  10. Hear, Hear! You can have lots of fun with a turntable (play with the speed, etc, lol!) plus nowadays many things can be done with the audio from a turntable ( I’ll keep mum!!! i.e. quiet). I am a traditionalist, though, so it’s nice to crank up the old player now & again to see if it has still got it (older players, if well cleaned & looked after last a lifetime).
    As for Jarvis, well, I applaud him for making such a move (under his own steam) see my above comment.
    Karyn Brown.

    By KARYN BROWN at Oct 9, 14:38 #

  11. Well it is available for pre order on Amazon downloads. Which is fine, i’d rather people had access to a highly compressed MP3 file as another source of hearing this song. Real fans and music lovers will buy the vinyl for the quality. Teenagers can stick with the MP3 for their ipods and keeps people like Eamonn from crying like a big baby.

    Well done Jarvis!

    By GMC at Oct 11, 16:25 #

  12. Yes GMC, pardon me for wanting a fantastic pop song to be heard by as many people as possible. For the record, I actually have ordered the vinyl for playing when I´m at my parents house.

    Am I a ´´real´´ fan or ´´music lover´´ for wanting both? I couldn´t give a stuff to be honest. You can stick your elitist shite up yer arse.

    By Eamonn at Oct 14, 13:59 #

  13. And the conversation turns dull.

    Raise your hand if you’ve got a nice arse.

    By Megan at Oct 14, 14:47 #

  14. I could go on about Jarvis’ arse, like your good self, Megan. Shame I didn’t get to pinch it backstage @ the Enmore Theatre in Sydney, (only joking, Jarv I STRESS!!!) Just enlivening the context of the conversation ;) Purist or not, we all enjoy the music of that lovable ‘rag-arse’ (it was actually an affectionate term friend Steve had for JC in Q MAGAZINE, or one of those publications in 1996).

    One cannot say he has been sitting on it – I don’t know whether it is just me or has Jarvis become a little more OPEN & TOLERANT with his public since having a family of sorts? If you look back 10 years or so, I reckon you had a different man…. there’s something to chew on.
    Here’s to being older and wiser,
    Karyn Brown.

    By KARYN BROWN at Oct 14, 22:08 #

  15. You’re my new best friend, Karyn. :)

    I know this’ll go straight to his head (or arse), but he does have a rather nice bum, doesn’t he? The last time I saw him he said, “I’ve seen all your pictures and video,” meaning all the pics and videos of him I’d taken in Paris.
    “How did you find them?”
    “You’re rather obsessed with my bum.”
    “I was just taking the view that was offered,” I grinned.
    “I’m not complaining,” he smiled.

    I think he’s more open than he was even two years ago. I first saw him at the Fillmore in 2007 and while the show was good, he seemed a bit aloof. I think there’s a lot more interaction now and he just seems so very open, which is so nice and refreshing. That works better than any record company press machine ever could.

    By Megan at Oct 15, 09:56 #

  16. Ta, Megan, as we say in Oz! Getting back to the new b-side, I must admit I feel rather important for the few seconds he utters my name with such discretion in the 2nd ??? verse ;) It’s a great feeling when a song touches you. Jarvis is an old romantic, I think, under all that veneer.

    I will, Megan, with a certain degree of caution, allow you to see the photo of STEVE MACKEY & RICHARD HAWLEY with me, it is a great pity that you can’t add your pic on this blog, (particularly for someone so terribly basic with technonology as myself!) so if anyone else WITHIN THIS CIRCLE would like to look, you are welcome, and I’ll post it to your mail. IT IS PURELY FOR THIS PURPOSE!! Let’s know what you think via the blog.

    [email protected]

    Cheers, Dears,

    By KARYN BROWN at Oct 15, 14:55 #

  17. Karyn, some girls have all the luck! I’ve never heard my name in a song. Though I guess I can’t sulk because I’ve had some written about me. Whether they were any good or not is another matter. ;)

    I’ve already written off to see your picture because I think it’s cool as hell and I love me some Steve Mackey. Can’t wait!

    By Megan at Oct 16, 08:33 #

  18. I’ve sent the e-mail off to you, Megan!
    Prepare to be pleasantly surprised,

    By KARYN BROWN at Oct 16, 16:28 #

  19. I am not an elitist at all Eamonn and no i wont be sticking anything up there thanks very much! I am glad your buying the vinyl so when you visit your Mummy and Daddy they can hear 2 wonderful songs.

    Do you really think Jarvis cares whether you buy both or just one? Does that make you any more of a fan if you buy both? In fact do any of us here care what you do Eamonn? No we don’t. So why don’t you stop your bubbling like a big baby, enjoy the single when it gets released and stop all this silly nonesense before i have to end up doing something that should have been done many years ago. Taking my left hand, bending you over my knee and disciplining your backside for rude behaviour!

    And i am sure that is a lovely picture of you Karyn!

    By GMC at Oct 17, 10:09 #

  20. Well, GMC, you are welcome to ‘have a gander’ (i.e. -look!) if you so desire, provided you ask nicely via this blog…..:)))

    By KARYN BROWN at Oct 17, 14:10 #

  21. GMC: will you be charging admission for this spanking? This could be quite amusing.

    And I can vouch for Karyn’s picture, it’s very cute. :)

    By Megan at Oct 17, 21:16 #

  22. Megan,
    I adore the aerobic / shadow – puppet live performance of “Pilchard.” I could see that Jarv hit a “bum note”, (hardy har har)! here and there on the keyboard.
    I’m off to watch Liza Minelli shaking up the current batch of Australian Idols…… on the telly. GO INDIE-KID Toby Moulton! He brought the house down doing “Creep”, and could be the next Damien Leith, (the other TRUE TALENT to come out of IDOL’S ranks).
    He’s worth looking up too folks…….
    I know this is an old expression but it’s hardly heard these days… SEE YA ROUND LIKE A RECORD…….

    By KARYN BROWN at Oct 17, 23:16 #

  23. Here, since you love bum notes so much:

    A bit of shameless promotion for my videos. ;) Jarvis teased me about this and going back, I now blush like a schoolgirl to see just how much I did follow that arse around. But in my defense, what else was there to look at? ;)

    Well, I can’t stay long today, I must write all my mid-term papers that are due tomorrow. This is what happens when I’m forced to write on Samuel Beckett, whom I hate.

    By Megan at Oct 18, 13:31 #

  24. As much as I appreciate every artist who makes a point to release everything on vinyl, I personally want to have the choice of whether or not to put those songs on my computer. This way I can have them on my iPod. Yes, I could run out and buy a USB turntable but since I don’t have the money to buy everything I want, this isn’t an option (at least for the time being).

    By J. F. at Oct 26, 08:42 #

  25. There are other options, I’m just being nice and not encouraging less than legal behaviour here ‘cause I like Jarvis enough to want him to make money off his art. The sad part of the post-capitalist world is that everyone wants everything for free, yet expects to make money off of everything as well. Check iTunes, perhaps the B-side will be up for a limited time. 99p is much more affordable than 100 worthless US dollars. (Spoken as an American, so keep yer dander down!)

    By the way, congrats to Jarvis on his BBC radio spot! Spin some Bob Lind for me.

    By Megan at Oct 26, 10:14 #