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28 July 09 Tagged: Live

An apology to anyone who went to the concert last night and waited outside for me to return to do some signing to no avail, I am not in the habit of lying and I had been up since 5am to get a flight out of Vancouver and dozed off after soundcheck, my sincerest apologies for not returning. To all those who came to the show – thanks – as it was a great show. Love Jarvis


  1. apologies to YOU, Jarvis, on behalf of my beloved hometown of Los Angeles: some of the audience behaved horribly last night. i hope you could, however, feel the love from most of us. i will see you tonight in San Francisco as well, and experience has proven the Fillmore audiences to be truly grand. and yes, it WAS a great show in L.A. thank you for turning up. much love, Sue

    By Sue Karutz at Jul 28, 14:53 #

  2. Thank you Jarvis for the show last night. I’m still feeling it. Was at the stage and I love the new sounds and words. Your hard work has paid off and much appreciated ;o)

    Best to you and the boys on rest of tour.


    By Debi Del Grande at Jul 28, 16:17 #

  3. Brilliant show last night at the Fillmore! I kept the guiro, hope that was ok. Otherwise get back to me and I’ll mail it to you.


    ps. Bloody shame you lot didn’t have time for a second encore. I snatched a set list as well and I must say ‘cunts’ is one of my favourite songs.

    By Tom at Jul 29, 19:09 #

  4. You are a great musician and simply you are brilliant and we are mad to see your show in Mexico hope that you come soon in order that you captivate us with your music

    By Ricardo at Aug 26, 21:54 #

  5. Maybe you should give your apologies to the fans and family of Michael Jackson… What did you want to reach back in 1996 by coming on the stage? I can only say it was disrepectful. I’m glad your career is almost over.

    By Pieter at Aug 31, 06:33 #