7 Further Complications

Released: 17 May 09 Tagged: Angela, Further Complications

12” LP – RTRADLP540
Download – RTRADDA540
Download – JPRTRADDA540

1. “Further Complications.”
2. Angela
3. Pilchard
4. Leftovers
5. I Never Said I Was Deep
6. Homewrecker!
7. Hold Still
8. Fuckingsong
9. Caucasian Blues
10. Slush
11. You’re In My Eyes (Discosong)

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  1. I was there on Sunday at the outdoor performance at the parisian gallery Chappe.
    It’s very kind from you to offer that to us!

    I can’t wait until the 4 june evening live in Paris. I usually work on French TV show “Ce soir ou jamais” but for the first time, I take this particular night off.

    See you live.

    Thanks again,

    By ruel cyril at May 15, 10:11 #

  2. thank you vey much, genius! I have a rock program in Buenos Aires. The people and me will be grateful again

    By leo at May 23, 21:12 #

  3. Congratulations on the new album, it’s amazing! What a great sound…
    I’m disappointed that Glass candy don’t appear in the credits though. They’re a great band that deserves more recognition.
    Unless they too sampled another song on Rolling down the hill, in which case I’m totally clueless!

    By Olivier at May 27, 06:56 #

  4. Hi!
    How can I get the new album in Argentina? I couldn’t find the previous one and I had to download it from the Ares.
    The owner of the shop where I tried to buy it told me it hadn’t been edited in Argentina yet :S

    By Ana at Jun 4, 18:20 #

  5. i’m trying to find the name of the people who plays with you and it’s not possible in this site. or maybe they’re hidden… it’s not so serious, though.

    By miranda at Jun 19, 05:28 #

  6. Hi
    im trying to get the record in chile
    its avaible now?

    By Maria Jose at Jun 23, 10:13 #

  7. it’s difficult to talk about post-capitalism if you don’t put the technical credits of your cd here. u’re just repeating history, dear.

    By miranda at Jun 24, 12:05 #