5 Listen to the new album!

11 May 09 Tagged: Further Complications

In partnership with The Guardian and We7 you can now listen to the new album ‘Further Complications’ in its entirety! For more info visit The Guardian’s site or just listen below:


  1. geia sou file

    By pantelis at May 20, 04:57 #

  2. great album, can’t wait to see you at glastonbury.

    By raymond salter at May 24, 11:35 #

  3. I’ve seen you live with Pulp few times! Loved your music since “What Do You Say” on Static, I’m tall and skinny like you and will see you in Athens on June! love from Greece

    By alex Machairas at May 25, 11:57 #

  4. Jarvis is god

    By Harry Scoffin at May 26, 20:27 #

  5. Thank you very much for your lyrics, your music and the great performance in Barcelona. I adore you. (Yeah… I know, “how can I adore you if I don’t really know you?” … but… I’m afraid that that’s the way it is…!)

    By Roseta at Jun 2, 07:01 #